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Are you looking to boost your teams' confidence, let them learn practical self-defence techniques, and ensure their safety in the vibrant city of Bangkok? Look no further! Our self-defence classes are designed to empower your employees with the skills and knowledge needed to protect themselves effectively.


Class levels

Whether you're aiming for a fun team activity or a comprehensive training program, our classes cater to all - women, and men. Our curriculum covers conflict avoidance, fear management, and practical defence techniques. Trainings range from a quick 1-hour introduction to an extensive 30-hour Platinum Advanced Level course. We offer:


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Elevate your team's confidence and safety with our Corporate Self Defence Classes in Koh Samui and Bangkok. Whether you're aiming for team bonding or essential safety skills, we've got you covered. Reach out to us to discover our tailored class options and competitive pricing packages.
Don't compromise on employee safety and well-being. Equip your team with the vital skills they need to face challenges confidently. Partner with us at Samui Corporate Defence Training and witness the transformative impact of self-defence training on your team.


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